ErgonomicsNYC collaborates with industrial and interior designers and architects and facilities professionals to integrate ergonomic attributes into the design of tools and utensils, consumer products and  workplace environments. Universal Design is a design principle which aims to maximize the aesthetics, ease of use and access to the greatest extent, by the greatest number of people, regardless of age or physical ability. As our workforce ages and includes more individuals with physical challenges, we can work with the individual and the organization to modify the environment, the tools or task. We can help to maximize function, productivity, sustainability and wellness - at home and in the workplace.


Usability, which is similar in aim to Universal Design, refers to ease of use and learnability. Often used in relation to computer software and website design, usability can apply to any designed object or digital or graphic communication. At Diversified Ergonomics we have expertise in task analysis and understanding how people process visual and environmental stimulation. We can improve written, educational and presentation materials for increased clarity and effective communication.

Ellen Kolber


  • Registered Occupational Therapist

  • Certified Hand Therapist

  • Corporate Ergonomic Consultant

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