ErgonomicsNYC offers training to individuals, small groups and large audiences on a number of topics. Information sessions include onsite walk-throughs followed by a discussion of findings and recommendations, one to one debriefings on individual worksites or more formal Powerpoint presentations. Ellen has taught on a college and universifty level as well as provided training to working therapists in ways to help their patients who have computer-related discomfort and conditions.


All training classes and seminars are individualized to meet the specific learning needs of the participants. Audience involvement is encouraged and individuals are given opportunities to integrate information on both cognitive and  kinesthetic (body sense) levels. Objectives always include acquisition of conceptual information that provide tools to participants to allow them to apply the class content independently. 


Ongoing seminars:

Comfort at Your Computer: Wellness in the Workplace

Includes information on anatomy, biomechanics, forces, posture and factors that keep that maintain musculoskeletal health

Train the Therapist: Helping Therapists Help Their Patients Ways to evaluate their patients' computer configurations, accepted standards for the computer set-up and how to decrease injury risk factors.

Ellen Kolber


  • Registered Occupational Therapist

  • Certified Hand Therapist

  • Corporate Ergonomic Consultant

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