ErgonomicsNYC works with individuals and organizations to improve the fit between the individual and the environment. Our goal is to improve comfort and musculoskeletal health and decrease risk of injury. We provide onsite evaluations of office environments and if needed, prescribe modifications to computer configurations, suggest alternate input devices (keyboards and mice) and alternate furniture and equipment (such as chairs and keyboard trays). We teach individuals how to use the controls on their chairs, ways to improve posture and how to work more effienciently, from a biomechanical perspective. We help organizations improve employee morale, address productivity issues and create a safe and efficient environment for healthy workers, as well as those with underlying pain, disability or other physical illness or condition that affects function. 


As a hand expert, Ellen understands the intracies of the hand-object interface and how to maximize this interaction. She is able to prescribe alternate and adaptive tools, devices or equipment and changes in design or work flow that optimize function. As an ergonomist, she can analyze the functional demands on the the upper arm, spine and lower extremities as well. Chair selection and use are assessed for all workers who sit to do their jobs.


Ellen individualizes ergonomic programs to meet the needs of corporate clients, not-for-profit organizations as well as individuals with home offices. 

Ellen Kolber


  • Registered Occupational Therapist

  • Certified Hand Therapist

  • Corporate Ergonomic Consultant

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