Recommended Computer Configuration

Improve comfort and minimize risk of discomfort 

Keyboard and Mouse

  • Keyboard and mouse should be positioned in front and close to the use

  • Mouse should be positioned next to or over the keyboard

  • Should promote elbow positioning of not less than 90°

  • Encourage the use of straight wrists – not up or down or bent toward the side

  • Wrists rests, if used, should be used as a guide to glide over rather ten a surface to rest on

  • A slight downward sloping surface has been found to promote straight wrist posture




  • Top of the screen should be at eye level

  • The main monitor should be most directly in front of the user

  • Distance should be about 2 feet based on user comfort, visual acuity and the task being performed

  • Glare should be minimized with the use of correct lighting, window shades and monitor angle


  • Should be adjusted so that feet can easily reach the floor or footrest

  • Allow thighs to be parallel to the floor

  • Promote support to the lower and upper back

  • Enable the user to get close to the work surface

  • Armrests should be supportive and position the elbows close to the torso; they should not confine or cause pressure to the arms


Ellen Kolber


  • Registered Occupational Therapist

  • Certified Hand Therapist

  • Corporate Ergonomic Consultant

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