A Registerd Occupational Therapist has completed a nationally recognized and approved college or university program and met the state requirements to become registered in that person's state. Occupational therapy (OT) is a rehabilitation profession that engenders a strong philosophical framework. This framework consists of core beliefs and values which drive the treatment approach and practice. The core values of OT include the importance of balanced meaningful occupation (occupation being the roles and activities that occupy our lives); and the belief that human beings function as wholes and that function cannot be fully understood and addressed solely in terms of the component parts. 


OT's collaborate closely with physical therapists, speech therapists and nurses and work in many different types of settings such as schools, skilled nursing facilities, hospitals and outpatient treatment centers. As a client-centered profession, goals are based on client stated objectives and treatment methods utilize activities that are meaningful to the individual. Treatment may involve modification of the environment or an aspect of the enviroment or the task; or it may focus on improvement of skill level in order to increase functional performance.


So don't be fooled by what you see - OT's sometimes use games or crafts to work on skills such as improving strength or eye-hand coordination. We're often creative, very pragmatic, focussed on function and always more then meets the eye!



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